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HISTORY of Alexandria Moulding

Since our humble beginnings as a hardware store established in 1943 we quickly grew our business to include the manufacture of doors and mouldings. Soon thereafter Alexandria Moulding focused its energies and ingenuity on the exclusive manufacture of interior and exterior wood mouldings and finishings.

The founder incorporated major innovations and developed Alexandria Moulding into a major manufacturer and distributor of mouldings. Alexandria Moulding is now a third generation family owned and operated enterprise that specializes in creating and supplying the world with the most comprehensive collection of quality mouldings.

We are now servicing the North American market from coast to coast and export our products on a global scale. Our customer base includes retail chain stores, lumberyards, buying groups, wholesalers, industrial clients, door pre-hang facilities, plus exporters and consolidators.

Alexandria Moulding is currently comprised of five distinct facilities within Canada and the United States. Alexandria East located in Alexandria, Ontario; Alexandria West located in Moxee, Washington; Alexandria North East located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; Alexandria MidWest located in LaPorte, Indiana & Royal Woodworking located in Bradford, Ontario.

Alexandria Moulding has grown into Canada’s largest wood moulding manufacturer, and is also North America’s leading Manufacturer-Direct retail marketer and distributor of mouldings.



backband rabbeted moulding rabbeted moulding that is attached to the surrounding edge of a casing
A rabbeted moulding that is attached to the surrounding edge of a casing to add ornamental relief.
Decorative base cap mouldingUse of base caps on base board flush against the wall
Installed on top of an S4S Board flush against the wall to add decorative style. Can also be used as versatile Panel Moulds or to conceal uneven floor and wall junctions.
base shoe moulding used to protect moulding basebase moulding with protective moulding
Are used to protect the base moulding from damage or to conceal imperfections such as uneven lines and cracks where the base moulding and floor meet.
base board moulding application of base board moulding where the floor meets the wall
Applied where the floor and wall meet to hide any imperfections and to protect the walls from kicks, bumps, and cleaning machinery.
symmetrical patterned batten moulding used to cover seams application of batten moulding covering seems
A mould of symmetrical pattern that is utilized to conceal the line where two parallel boards or panels meet.
application of bed mould
Utilized where walls and ceilings meet. Beds can either be sprung or plain.
brick mould application of brick mould around a door
Are used as exterior door and window casings. They are thick mouldings that allow bricks or other surfaces to butt up against the moulding.
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