Big Green Egg


Widely acclaimed as the original American-designed ceramic cooker, the Big Green Egg was derived from an ancient clay cooking device known as a “kamado.”
Originally a clay vessel with a lid, today’s EGG® is a modern ceramic marvel known for producing amazing culinary results for novice and experts alike for over thirty years!

So come take a look at the Big Green Egg today at our Colchester, Essex, South Burlington, and Woodstock locations, and see what all the fuss is about!

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The Ultimate Cooking Experience with the Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg is the world’s largest producer and international distributor of the highest-quality ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill. When you buy an Egg, you know your investment is protected by a successful, experienced company with a worldwide reputation for best-in-class products and unmatched customer service. Furthermore, we provide you with confidence, knowing that we have been standing behind our products for over four decades!

As Big Green Egg has evolved over the years, significant changes have been made to keep it miles ahead of anything else on the market – state-of-the-art ceramics, a wide range of easily adjusted cooking temperatures, a stainless steel cooking grid and a permanent porcelain glaze to preserve our signature green color. A team of research and development specialists are continuously looking for new ways to make Big Green Egg even better.

The business has grown to include seven sizes of the EGG, and hundreds of accessories and related products designed to always make Big Green Egg a cooking experience that is fun and entertaining!

diagram of the parts of the big green egg

  • Unique egg shape
  • Distinctive green color
  • Most versatile BBQ on the market
  • Made of high quality ceramics
  • Based in the USA (founded over 40 years ago)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Customized accessories
  • Patented air control system and temperature gauge for accurate temperature control
  • Stronger, more durable, better heat retention than any other outdoor cooker on the market
  • Grill, bake, smoke, roast all in one system
  • Reaches cooking temperature in just minutes
  • Extremely safe to use (ceramic surface doesn’t get as hot as metal grills)
  • Stainless steel cooking grid
  • Exterior wipes clean with no special cleaners




Heated by natural lump charcoal (Big Green Egg brand)

  • Made in USA
  • Made from oak/hickory hardwood slowly kiln charred – no other additives and chemical
  • Builds faster and cleaner than briquette
  • Comes to cooking temperature quicker than briquettes
  • Never use lighter fluid or briquettes or a
  • Burn longer than other brands
  • Consistent cooking result and flavor profile

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