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Your Outdoor Experience Just Got Better, With Blackstone Cooking Products

We love to cook outdoors with Blackstone cooking products, where we can share delicious meals and great memories with our friends and family. That’s why we created our signature griddle, that allows you to cool all types of food – from juicy steaks to fluffy pancakes. See for yourself and start griddling!

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Why not cook outdoors?

Before Blackstone cooking products became the brand of products that thousands trust, our founders had a vision. A love for food, family, friends, and the great outdoors gave rise to an idea.

The first classic Blackstone cooking product griddle

With a dedication to excellence and culinary greatness, that vision became a reality in 2005 with our cornerstone product, the 36” Blackstone Griddle. Since 2005 we have grown considerably both in our product line and our expertise in this amazing world of griddle cooking.

36" blackstone griddle cooking station on wheels

We have partnered with pro chefs, backyard masters and the everyday home-cook to craft a product that meets our highest standards.

Our products are designed and engineered in the USA with the latest technology and innovation, but we are more than just another outdoor cooking appliance company.

Our main focus is on our consumers and designing quality products that yield the best results.

Our goal is to bring family and friends together with the most efficient and functional griddles on the market



While we have expanded dramatically since our founding, the original vision is still at the forefront of all that we do.

With a Blackstone, you can create endless food memories with your friends and family. From burgers and breakfast to steaks and teppanyaki, the possibilities are endless.

Still need some inspiration to fire up some outdoor cooking?  Check out this video of Blackstone cooking products in action HERE!


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