Cabot Premium Stain


Cabot premium stain Australian timber oil can

Looking for wood stain products? Cabot premium stain offers the finest selection of quality exotic wood care products that provide beautiful and long-lasting results.  Check them our right at our very own Paint Studio at each of our Bibens Ace locations.

History of Cabot

  • Tar paper production company started by Samuel Cabot – burning coal tar had a bi-product called creosote – this was a great way to treat wood
  • 1882 first wood shingle stain invented by Samuel Cabot, creator of Cabot Stains

Samuel Cabot Incorporated was founded in 1877 by a young American chemist who returned home from his studies in Switzerland with the idea of starting a coal tar dye industry to compete with the Germans.  When his efforts to make dyes from creosote were unsuccessful, Samuel Cabot started manufacturing wood preservatives from the large quantities of creosote distillate he had acquired at his small plant in Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Cabot later pioneered a dispersion technique, called Collopaking, which combines finely ground pigments with creosote oil to provide superior penetration of the wood surface and improved protective qualities. Cabot invented the original wood preserving shingle stain and, in the process, created a brand new industry that continues to prosper today.

Under Cabot’s inventive leadership, the company would go on to develop many other outstanding products including a coal tar-based disinfectant called Cabot’s Sylpho-Nathol and a unique building insulation made from eel grass, called Cabot Quilt.

The original Chelsea plant burned to the ground in the Great Chelsea Fire of 1908. It was rebuilt and continued to serve the company until Cabot moved to its present location in Newburyport, MA in 1985.

Today, Cabot premium stain manufactures the industry’s broadest line of quality interior and exterior wood stains, protective wood finishes and surface preparation products for both residential and commercial applications. We have a product for every wood project you will consider – for every style and every taste.

Our history and commitment to excellence shows why no one does a better job of protecting wood and preserving its natural beauty. Made using only the finest-grade oils and pigments, you’ll find heritage, pride and commitment in every can:

  • Easy-to-use wood preparation products
  • Long-lasting deck stains
  • Beautiful wood finishes and preservatives for outdoors
  • Rich wood stains and durable topcoats for indoors
  • Experts to answer any question, 7 days a week
  • At Cabot, we do wood care. And we’re here to help.

Important factors in project to determine stain choice:

  • Vertical vs horizontal surfaces (different weathering circumstances)
  • Wood type (40% of decking materials are pressure treated) – will affect application and color
  • Was wood previously coated or not – will determine product prep
  • Desired appearance/finish desired – how much wood grain appearing through stain is wanted?
  • The more natural the color of stain – more frequent the maintenance is going to be (more pigment/more opaque = more UV protection and durability) – think of it like SPF ratings on sun block

Check out these great DIY videos using Cabot premium stain!

The Many Faces of Cabot Premium Stain

Clear Wood Protector (lease pigmented product)

  • Water-proofing sealer (water and UV protection)
  • Oil-Modified Formulation (proprietary to Cabot)
    • Alkyd resin encapsulated in water
    • Oil and water compatible in the can – water delivers coating to surface, and when drys, drys with durable finish that you’d expect with an oil paint
  • Water beads off
  • No wax (fortified with silicone, which lasts longer than wax)
  • Great for new wood
  • Keeps wood looking natural as possible
  • Lasts 1-2 years on a deck, 1-3 years on vertical surface
  • Can be used on damp wood

Australian Timber Oil (ATO)

  • Flagship product at Cabot
  • Originally formulated for dense, hard woods, but now used on all kinds of woods
  • Linseed, alkyd, and tongue oil for extra durability
  • Trans-oxide pigments added to help produce rich tone
  • Also has Oil-Modified Formulation (proprietary to Cabot)
  • Available in 5 ready-mix tones
  • 2-4 years on a decking surface with Australian Timber Oil
  • 1 coat only (as much as wood can absorb in 1 coat) – if too much is applied, it isn’t absorbed and creates a blotchy, uneven appearance
  • Can be used on damp wood

Semi-Solid Decking Stain:

  • Richly pigmented stain for great coverage and durability
  • Semi-solid opacity
  • Durable alkyd resin (great UV protection and durability from resin)
  • Maximum durability with least amount of maintenance
  • 100 different color options
  • 1 coat only

Solid Color Decking Stain:

  • Film forming product (no longer a penetrating stain)
  • Richly pigment for extra hide and coverage
  • 100% acrylic resin – maximum adhesion and durability
  • Great for lots of traffic – something that needs scuff resistance
  • Will have a soft sheen (due to acrylic resin)
  • Recommend 2 coats for maximum film build and protection

Deck Correct

  • Solution for a weathered, warn, old deck – will extend life of a deck 3-6 more years
  • Recommend standard roller for application
  • Formulated with acrylic resin – will fill cracks and hold down splinters
  • Thick consistency
  • Protects wood surface by going on as thick as possible (75 sq ft/gallon with 2 coats)
  • Reccommend 2 coats, 4-6 hours between coats
  • Nice skid resistance texture (created by polycarbonate beads)
  • Very washable/cleanable
  • Competitor stains like this are very rough, even thicker to apply, not a uniform appearance, not as durable

Cabot Gold

  • Rich pigmented product that gives look of your hardwood floors, but outdoors
  • Recommended for new or properly conditioned woods – need dry and sound wood to create the beautiful, smooth sheen
  • Prep deck by sanding down with finer grit paper to help create smooth finish (remove dust with tack cloth)
  • Recommend using brush only – needs to make sure application is controlled and only what can be absorbed is applied
  • Available in 4 ready-mix tones
  • Formulated with trans-oxide pigments and UV inhibitors
  • Let 1st coat dry for 24 hours-7 days, and then take down any raised grain with even finer paper to create a smooth finish, then remove sanding dust with tack cloth, and then apply 2nd coat
  • Beautiful satin sheen finish
  • Lasts 3-6 years (will start losing sheen during this time) – lightly sand and apply a maintenance coat


And best yet, Cabot comes with a worry-free project guarantee (Results you expect or the stain’s on us)

  • Put the power of Cabot®know-how to work for you. Just follow along, step by step, to get the results you expect … or your money back.*

*If you’re not happy with your finished project, Cabot will refund what you spent on up to four gallons of Cabot stain product, two gallons of Cabot prep product and a Cabot stain pad applicator. Color is not covered, as too many variables contribute to final project color.