Clark + Kensington Paint


Choosing the top-rated Clark + Kensington paint is smart. Choosing a paint and primer in one that cuts down on work and comes in any color you want? Well, that’s simply brilliant.

These products can be found at all Bibens Ace locations (excluding Woodstock.)

  • great performance
  • more durable resins than used in Royal line
  • ceramic micro beads adds to durability –more scrubability since you are scrubbing against the beads, not the paint directly
  • low VOC
  • great stain resistance
  • Designer White — ready for use as plain white
  • Approximately 1.1mL coverage when dry
Check out the great selection of paint colors available HERE! And see just how that color will look by trying it on by scene or with your very own uploaded photo with The Paint Studio Visualizer!
Not sure of just how much paint you’ll need?  Use The Paint Studio Calculator!

INTERIOR Clark + Kensington Paint

EXTERIOR Clark + Kensington Paint