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If you want birdseed, buy any brand, but If you want birds, buy Cole’s® Wild Bird Products. Cole’s® specializes in high quality feed for birds. Unlike other companies, bird feed is all we do.

Cole’s® Wild Bird Products is a family-owned company that focuses on selling the best wild bird feed on the market. The company started as a hobby and continued to grow. Cole’s® sells a wide variety of feeds designed specifically to meet the needs of certain birds. For instance, Woodpeckers love suet cakes. Cole’s offers a wide variety of suet products.

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ABOUT Cole’s® Wild Bird Products

Cole’s® is a true “mom and pop” success story. Back in the early 1980’s, Richard and Nancy Cole started feeding experiments in their backyard because the “birdseed in a bucket” they bought at the grocery store wasn’t attracting the beautiful songbirds they wanted to see. They devoted hours upon hours researching the dietary needs of their feathered friends to find just the right combination of ingredients that would bring the most birds to their bird feeders. Neighbors started noticing the increased bird activity in the Cole’s yard and came knocking for the secret. Soon the first dreams of an entrepreneurial business were born.

They would mix and bag their own seed in the garage at night after work and deliver it to neighbors and local stores on the weekends. A few years later Richard’s daughter, Elaine, joined the family enterprise.

Eventually, demand became so great they all quit their “day jobs” and devoted themselves full time to the birding and nature business.

Now a little over 30 years later, the Coles are known throughout the birding community as leading experts and trailblazers in feeding and attracting wild birds.

Seed Products

Many commercial wild bird feeds are full of synthetic additives, growth compounds, and a bunch of other ingredients you can’t even pronounce! Not Cole’s – we offer only the highest quality, pure seed ingredients so your backyard birds stay healthy naturally.

No added Synthetics – No added Chemicals – No Artificial Flavors

Remember…If You Can’t Read It – Don’t Feed It!