DAP Caulks, Sealants & Adhesives

DAP Products Inc. is the leading manufacturer and supplier of DAP caulks, sealants & adhesives, insulating foams, spackling, glazing and other general patch and repair products. DAP has a history of first-to-market innovations with trusted, quality, reliable and long-lasting products for both professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers working in the construction, home repair and remodeling industries.

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HISTORY of DAP Caulks, Sealants & Adhesives:

1865 Establishing Roots

DAP traces its roots back to 1865, when Robert H. Dicks and Elmer Wiggim began producing sealing wax for food-canning out of Dicks’ garage in Dayton, Ohio. In those days before refrigeration and commercially prepared foods, canning was a widespread practice, and demand for their product was high.

In 1913, after Dicks bought out Wiggim and joined with George Pontius, they incorporated their partnership as the Dicks-Pontius Company. When Robert Dicks died, his son John entered the business and expanded it to include putty and caulk manufacturing in bulk form.

1940’s & 1950’s The Revolution

The Dicks-Pontius Company revolutionized the home repair products market in the 1940’s and 50’s through its marketing and product development including moving the industry to marketing caulks and sealants in disposable cartridges.  Through the 1950’s, the company grew through several acquisitions, including a merger with the Chicago-based Armstrong Company in 1957. The resulting entity was renamed Dicks-Armstrong-Pontius, which was eventually shortened to the brand name DAP.

The company continued its path of innovative growth, introducing new products and expanding its reach. In 1964, DAP pioneered the development of latex caulking compounds.

Through innovation and acquisition, the company continued to expand its product line. DAP entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with the worldwide leader in silicone technology in 1980 to market a full line of silicone sealants. In the mid 1980’s, Weldwood® branded adhesives came into the fold.

Plastic Wood® brand was intregrated into the DAP portfolio of products in the 90’s.

America’s number one selling spackling compound, DAP® DRYDEX® Spackling contains a patented dry time indicator causing the product to change color when optimum dry time is achieved. It goes on PINK and dries WHITE. This unique feature is the signal that it is ready to sand and paint and eliminates the guesswork from any spackling project. DAP® DRYDEX® spreads smoothly and sands easily, delivering quality results every time.

DAP® SMARTBOND® Construction Adhesives are a dynamic polyurethane adhesive foaming gel that is faster and easier to use than traditional cartridge adhesives. Jobs become more efficient as a single can of SMARTBOND®Adhesive provides 8 times the coverage of standard cartridge adhesives, meaning you can do more with less. They apply as a foam and transform by collapsing into a high-strength, fast-curing adhesive gel that develops an incredibly strong, durable and permanent bond to most building materials. DAP® SMARTBOND® is also much faster and easier to use on the jobsite.