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The Paint Studio at Bibens Ace Hardware has everything you need for painting, staining, and finishing, including all the tools to do the job right right, the first time! At the Bibens Ace Hardware Paint Studio, we can make your painting project easier with our color matching paint technology. Bring in a sample of any color, paint or fabric, and we can match it, giving you any color of paint you desire!

With top brands like Benjamin Moore, Clark + Kensington, and Cabot, paint and stain anything like a pro!

We have an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor paint, primers, stains and finishes. Our associates will make sure you have the proper tools—brushes, rollers, tape, etc.—so your painting project will be as easy as can be. Stop in today to see why DIYers and professionals alike keep coming back to Bibens Ace Hardware for all their painting needs.

xrite paint color matching machineCome check out our MetaVue X-Rite Color Matching system, a breakthrough non-contact imaging spectrophotometer for retail paint matching, introduces a new level of accuracy to a wider variety of customer samples. 


Need those extras to complete that task, Bibens Ace has you covered there too.  From painter’s tape to drop cloths, spackle to turpentine, Purdy brushes to rollers, and primer to polyurethane, we’ll help you get the job completed to perfection.


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Don’t forget about Ace’s Extra Mile Promise: if you leave our store without everything you need, or enough of it, to complete the job at hand, we’ll deliver it to you for FREE!

chart showing which sheen to choose for which kind of project

And what about spray paint?  We’ve got that, too!  Choose from a giant selection of Ace and Rustoleum products in multiple colors and finishes to put just the right look on anything.  Check out some of these great products in the video below.

Paint Basics: What’s in the Can?

  • All paint made up of liquids and solids (higher the quality, the more the solids)
  • Pigment and binders are the solids that form the coating on the surface

Solids (pigments and binders)

Pigments — 2 kinds of pigments used in paint:

  1. Primary
    • Titanium dioxide is gold standard, superior pigment (predominant pigment used in Ben Moore products)
    • Particles so finely ground they cling evenly to a surface
    • So purely white that the colors are a truer match
    • Provides better hide and durability
    • superior pigments used
    • found in more premium paints
  1. Extender
    • Powdered clay, talc and powdered limestone
    • Lower in cost than primary
    • Less hide ability
    • Found in economy and contractor grade paints
    • Can dull colors and flatten out a sheen since they aren’t as true white

Binders (resins)

  • Like glue that binds paint to the surface and pigment particles together
  • In exterior paint – helps keep gloss, temperature changes, and paint stay on surface
  • In interior paint – also helps resist stains and keep its color

3 types of binders

  1. 100% Acrylic – found in premium paints
  1. Vinyl Acrylic – economy/mid-range paints (any combination of acrylic and vinyl)
  1. Vinyl – least expensive, found in lower end paints




  • the concentrated color used to tint paint
  • ACE’s Nova HP Colorants are water-based – reduces VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) – potential harmful gases that can build up in doors


  • the base colorant the colorant clings to to give color hiding power


  • can help thicken consistency of paint, break down bubbles when paint is mixed, prevent mildew, aid film development, help paint dry without cracking


Latex Paints (water-based paints)

  • Most common paint sold
  • Main liquid in formulation is water


Oil-Based Paints

  • Main liquid in formulation is solvent

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