Bibens Ace Hardware carries the highest quality bird seed, suet and bird feeders. Premium bird seed is fresh, clean, contains no fillers, and is formulated for the birds of our area.

When you use high quality bird seed, you will notice an increase in the number and variety of birds that visit your feeder. Additionally, less seed will be wasted by using seed blends cultivated to the preferences of the birds in your area.

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Birding 101


pet food & supplies bird watching cartoon


Still water (birdbath/dish feeder) – simple, shallow, easy to clean

Moving water (water wiggler) – creates general ripples to prevent freezing/repel mosquitos

Flowing water – sound of a fountain or water feature draws birds from greater distances



Perch/platform size determines size of birds attracted to the feeder

Ports – dispenses the seed (feeders with a variety of seed will attract a variety of birds)




Suet and seed mixes with nuts, berries, and sunflower are a great value and attract more desirable birds

Black oil sunflower and safflower are favorites

bird attraction chart for pet food & supplies departmentSuet

  • Tallow combined with seeds, nuts, and berries
  • High in fat/calories
  • Especially useful during nesting, breeding, and cold weather
  • Favorite of woodpeckers


  • Most premium seed
  • Favorite of a wide variety of birds


  • High quality white seed
  • High in protein, fat, and fiber
  • Squirrels will avoid it
  • Popular with songbirds


  • Tiny, black seeds
  • High oil content
  • Popular with finches

Wild Bird Blends

  • Premium options contain higher ratio of preferred seeds
  • Variety of seeds attract a variety of birds


  • Red for hummingbirds
  • Orange for orioles


  • Excellent source of protein, calcium, and vitamins
  • Natural food source for insect-eating birds (chickadees, bluebirds, robins, cardinals, etc.)

Bird Houses

  • Hang at least 5’ off the ground, 8-10’ away from predator jumping points, 20’ from feeders/water sources
  • Size of opening is specific to the type of bird
  • Drainage holes and vents help keep nest dry/ventilated
  • Hang in lower traffic areas protected from the elements


birding winter checklist for pet food & supplies department


  • Feed with high fact/oil content (black oil sunflower/suet) helps birds stay warm


  • Provide shelter/nesting materials to invite birds to stay and recover their energy after migrating


  • Adding fruit, jelly, and nectar to feed will attract a greater variety
  • Dried mealworms help bluebirds and grosbeaks feed hungry nestlings
  • Provide water source to help birds stay cool/hydrated


birding fall checklist for pet food & supplies department



  • Keep feeders full/clean fir birds to use to build up their fat reserves for energy to migrate


Critter Prevention

  • Distract critters/pests with feeders away from the bird feeders filled with peanuts, corn, or critter mixes