Key Cutting & Programming



Bibens Ace is the key to your success. Bring in your keys, and let us make spare sets for your car, home, or office.  We offer traditional single and double cut keys at all Bibens Ace locations.

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Chip Key Programming & Cutting

In addition to traditional key cutting, we offer chip key cutting at our Brattleboro location.

If you’re in need of a new key for your vehicle, and don’t want to pay the high cost that the dealer charges, Bibens Ace has you covered!  We stock an assortment of chip keys for hundreds of car and truck makes and models, and will duplicate it while you shop.

What is a Chip Key?

A chip key (also called a programmed transponder key)  is an anti-theft automotive key that contains an embedded computer chip in the head designed to work with your vehicle’s computer system to prevent theft of your vehicle. If your key is lost or stolen it can be erased from your vehicle’s computer system without having to re-key. It’s also called a transponder.

If you’re not sure if your vehicle requires a chip key, an Ace sales associate can test your key to determine whether or not it does.


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Keyless Entry Remotes

Bibens Ace South Burlington offers a wide range of keyless entry remotes for over 250 different of the most popular makes/models, offering a key FOB replacement alternative to the inconvenience and expense of using a car dealer.  We can also cute sidewinder keys at this location too!

What is a sidewinder key?

A laser-cut key is commonly called a sidewinder key. This name comes from the unique winding cut on the metal part. Unlike standard keys that have the usual straight grooves and jagged cut edge, a sidewinder key can have smooth edges. The laser carving can curve and bend across the metal shaft much like the snake the key is named after.

While most hardware stores can cut basic keys easily for a low cost, many are not equipped to create sidewinder keys. The hardware necessary is quite a bit more costly than standard key grinders. The more expensive keys come with transponder chips inside that require program setup by whoever cuts them.  We have you covered at Bibens Ace South Burlington!


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