Jonathan Green Fertilizer


Jonathan Green is committed to helping you to grow and maintain the most beautiful lawns and gardens through the timely applications of natural and organic products. If you’ve yet to achieve your dream landscape, the solution to your problems is likely to be much easier than you might imagine. For instance, many lawn issues will be remedied by introducing superior grass seed varieties. These improved turfgrasses are naturally dark green in color and contain beneficial endophytes for natural insect and disease resistance without the application of man-made pesticides.

Now is the time to get your lawn in shape with properly timed applications of Jonathan Green Lawn Products. We can help you create the New American Lawn. This means an eco-friendly lawn that is:

  • Naturally dark green in color, so it looks great with less fertilizer
  • More drought tolerant because it’s deep rooted
  • More disease and insect resistant because our turf grasses contain endophyte, reducing the need for chemical pest controls.

The New American Lawn occupies a warm place in our hearts. Let Jonathan Green help you, in an ecologically friendly way, to grow today’s great looking care-free lawn.


  • We are a leading supplier of grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizer and organic lawn and garden products to professional customers, like sod growers and independent retailers, such as garden centers and hardware stores.
  • A family business with a turfgrass research farm in Oregon and distribution throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Western United States.
  • Specializing in family and pet friendly lawn products that will help you to grow a thick, dark-green, New American Lawn, while being in harmony with the green world our founder, Jonathan Green, cared about.
  • Family has been growing great looking lawns for six generations
  • A leader in organics, and have developed an environmentally sound approach to lawn care that we call the New American Lawn Plan.
  • Product is a little more expensive than other lines, but it absorbs into the lawn more slowly since it is formulated as a slow release (so won’t have to spread as often)

Increasing Your Soil’s Health

All health begins with the soil! In fact the health of plants, animals and even man is connected to the health of the soil.  Lawn maker’s reliance on routine application of nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium fertilizers may help green and thicken the lawn for a while but will eventually degrade the lawn soil health.  Poor soil health is caused by depleting dozens of other soil components which lead to an unsustainable lawn maintenance practice.

Relying on purely chemical nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium lawn fertilizers ignores and condemns the beneficial biology of lawn soil life.  The soil bacteria, fungi and numerous other micro-critters are all members of the web of life.  However, there are “softer” alternatives to many of these practices.  While N-P-K fertilizers help to provide macro-nutrients for improved lawn grass growth, they largely bypass the soil microorganisms because they are soluble in water.

Jonathan Green has 2 key products (Mag-I-Cal and Love Your Soil)\

  • can be applied on the same day, right after each other
  • since they are both organic soil enhancers you can’t apply too much
  • On average these products should be spread twice each year (spring and late summer/early fall).\
  • These products can turn heavy clay soil or granular sandy soil, that won’t hold moisture, into rich crumbly top soil.
  • On the same day that you apply regular fertilizer, spread both Mag-I-Cal and Love Your Soil, in addition to any other lawn products that you apply
  • In healthy biologically active soils, of correct pH grass plants grow and thicken and out compete the weeds. Additionally, the lawn is better able to withstand insect and disease problems.


  • rapidly adjusts soil pH upward
  • contains 35% highly soluble calcium and humates
  • balancing the PH of the soil helps the grass absorb minerals and nutrients which were previously locked in the soil and not available to the grass plants.
  • available in both 5,000 and 15,000 square foot coverage bags.

Love Your Soil

  • “kick-starts” your lawn
  • feeds the soil microbes, making the lawn soil more alive and porous
  • loosens and aerates heavy, compacted soil
  • Releases tied up nutrients in the soil your lawn is growing in
  • Contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses along with essential L-Amino Acids, which help to build the “natural- bridges” between the soil microbes and the root hairs of the grass plants.
  • enhances grass root development and root mass development and it is effective on all turf grass varieties.  There is a direct relationship between the quantity of organic material in the soil and the number of microbes in the soil, providing the grass plants with resistance to disease, insect and environmental stresses.